Auto Cup / Tray Filling & Sealing Machine

Vacuum Forming Machine


AUTO CUP and TRAY FILLNG & SEALING MACHINE can be designed and fabricated to meet customer's specific requirement such cup size and product to be filled.

Packaging of jelly, tofu, fruit juice. milk, cheese, yoghurt , cooked food & etc.

The machine is fitted with programmable logic controller for storing, recalling and controlling the following automatic process:-

* Cup/ Tray Dispensing
* Filling of product
* Gas Flushing
* Pre-cut foil insertion/Cutting of lidding film in roll
* Heat Sealing
* Products discharge

* Date printing
* Various filling systems are available to suit the viscosity of different product to be filled.

Model: ATS-200 ATS-300 ATS-400 ATS-600
No. of Lanes: 2 3 4 6
Capacity (pcs/hr.): 1200 1800 2400 3600
Electricity Supply: 13A SP&N 13A SP&N 13A SP&N 15A SP&N
Air Requirement: 200 NL/min 200 NL/min 250 NL/min 250 NL/min