Semi-auto Sleeve/Shrink Packaging Machine

Vacuum Forming Machine


Semi-automatic Sleeve/ Shrink Packaging Machine


Suitable for wrapping of products such as cans, bottles, boxes, biscult tins & etc.

PULSA PSL & STF is a semi-auto Sleeve/Shrink Wrapping Machine. Products are placed on the platform, in front of the product pusher. When the products are being pushed through film curtain to the sealing station manually (PSL-M) or by pneumatic pusher (PSL-P), film will unwind and sleeve around the product. Once the pusher retreats, the sealing bar automatically descend and seal & wrapped around the product. The package will then be transported into the shrink tunnel & shrink-wrapped.

Model: PSL & STF-6025 PSL & STF-7035
Max. Package Width: 600mm 700mm
Max. Package Height: 250mm 350mm
Electricity Supply: 45A TP&N 415V 45A TP&N 415V
Air Requirement: 100 NL/min 100 NL/min
Shrink Tunnel Conveyor Stainless steel ladder belt Stainless steel ladder belt