Auto Sleeve/Shrink Packaging Machine

Vacuum Forming Machine


Automatic Sleeve/ Shrink Packaging Machine


Suitable for wrapping of products such as cans, bottles, boxes, biscult tins & etc.

PULSA ASW & STF is an automatic in-line Sleeve/Shrink Wrapping Machine. Products can be manually or automatically loaded into the infeed conveyor of the Sleeve Wrapper. When the products are being transported to the sealing station, the film will wrap around it and sealed. Subsequently the package will be transported into the shrink tunnel and shrink-wrapped.


Model ASW-6025 ASW-7035
Max. Package Width 600mm 700mm
Max. Package Height 250mm 350mm
Electricity Supply 45A TP&N 415V 45A TP&N 415V
Air Requirement 100 NL/min 100 NL/min
Shrink Tunnel Conveyor Stainless steel ladder belt Stainless steel ladder belt