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Cup Sealer (ATS Series)

Cup Sealer1

PULSA ATS Series Automatic Cup Sealer is a fully automatic inline cup sealing machine. It inserts the cup/ tray onto the machine, fill the product into the cup/ tray and finally seal the cup and to keep the product fresh

  • Cup / Tray Insertion
  • Filling
  • Gas Flushing (optional)
  • Cup / Tray Sealing
  • Film Trimming or Foil Insertion
  • Date Coding (optional)
  • Waste Film Windup

Applicable Products : Juices, Milk, Chesse, Butter, Ice-Cream, Yoghurt, Jelly, etc.


  • The machine is fitted with programmable logic controller (PLC) for storing, recalling and controlling of a series of process to meet customer's requirements.
  • The machines can handle precut liding foil or film in roll.
  • Various filling systems are available to suit the viscosity of different product to be filled.



PULSA CUP SEALER for Communion Cups

cup sealer ATS series



  • Automatic Cup Dispensing
  • Juice / Wine Filling
  • Automatic Wafer Dispensing
  • Double seal of Wafer and Juice into a set


.Cup sealer ATS400



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