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Vacuum Forming Machine

MVF Series Manual Vacuum Forming Machine

vacuum forming machine vacuum formed product

PULSA MVF Series Vacuum Forming Machines are designed for easy operation and low
maintenance . It is suitable for applications such as small scale production, prototyping for
research and development, education & etc.

* Easy and simple to operate colour touch screen interface
* Infrared heaters with individual-zone control

* Heater standby mode for energy saving
* Blow function to aid easy mould release

* Digital countdown timer display on touch screen with alarm
* Interlock mechanism to prevent forming platform from being raised when heater is in the forward position


PULSA VF Vaccum Forming Machine


Vacuum Forming Machine VF Series Vacuum FOrming Machine

PULSA VF Series is a semi automatic Vacuum Forming Machines. It is suitable for applications such as educational, R&D, prototyping and etc.

* Automatic forming film carriage movement
* Multi-zone controled infrared heaters
* Machine guard with safety interlocked to ensure operator safety
* Pneumatic operated forming platform
* Cooling fan system to reduce material cooling time
* Microprocessor Controlled parameters
a) Heating time
b) Vacuum time
c) Cooling time
d) Pressure release


vacuum form product




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