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Vacuum Packaging Machine

PULSA offers a wide range of vacuum packaging machinesuch as external vacuum sealing machine, chamber vacuum sealer and vertical vacuum sealer suitable for electronics packaging, industrial products packaging, pharmaceutical industries and etc

Vacuum Sealer (External): VSM Series , VSA Series

Vacuum Sealer (Chamber): CVS Series

Vacuum Sealer (Chamber Vertical): VC Series

PULSA offers customised vacuum sealer suitable for your products and applications. Email us your requirements.


Vacuum Sealing Machine (VSM, VSA Series)

VSM Vacuum sealer Vacuum Sealer (VSA) vacuum sealer (vertical)

PULSA - VSM Series is a external vacuum nozzle type table top vacuum sealing machine. It is designed for applications which requires quick removal of air from a bag before sealing. It seals a wide variety of bag materials including moisture barrier, foil and laminates.

PULSA - VSA Series is a floor standing, heavy duty rugged construction, pneumatic operated vacuum sealing machine suitable for big, bulky and heavy products.


  • Variable range timers, providing repeatability on vacuuming, sealing and cooling time

  • Vacuum pressure level controllable by timer with manual override

  • Clear view for easy insertion of bag into vacuum nozzle.

  • Safe operation with automatic jaw interference release system

  • Dual stage jaw motion for vacuum and sealing process therefore wear and tear of sealing jaw is virtually minimised.


  • Bag Stretcher

  • Gas flush

  • Vacuum pressure switch


Suitable for vacuum seal of the following:-

  • Precision metal parts
  • Electronic components
  • Semiconductors (Wafer box)
  • Optical  and electronic equipments



Chamber Vacuum Sealer (CVS Series)

PULSA - CVS Series vacuum sealer is a chamber type vacuum sealing machine. It is suitable for vacuum sealing wafer box and electronic components. This vacuum sealer is equipt with pressure sensor and timers which allows easy and simple operations for the user.


Chamber Vacuum Sealer



Vacuum Sealing Machine (VC Series, Vertical chamber)

.PULSA - VC Series is a vertical chamber type vacuum sealing machine. It is suitable for vacuum sealing granular products.


Chamber Vacuum Sealer



Vacuum Bags

vacuum bag Transparent three sides sealed vacuum bag suitable for applications which requires the products to be visible. The compositions of the bag offers durability and low air permeability, therefore the shelf-life of the product is extended.



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