Automatic Rotary Cup Sealing Machine

Rotary Cup Sealer


Automatic Rotary Cup Filling & Sealing Machine is fitted with an intermittent motion mechanical drive with a choice of 3 & 6 single or twin pockets automatic rotating turn-table.

Packaging of jelly, tofu, fruit juice. milk, yoghurt & etc.

The following process is carried out automatically:-
* Cup/ Tray Dispensing
* Filling
* Heat Sealing
* Cutting of lidding film or pre-cut foil insertion
* Products discharge

* Date Coding
* Various filling systems are available to suit the viscosity of different product to be filled.


Model: RCS-6 RCS-6T
No. of Cups: Single Twin
Capacity : 450 cups/hr 900 cups/hr
Electricity Supply: 13A SP&N 230V 13A SP&N 230V
Air Requirement: 200 NL/min 200 NL/min