Rotary Blister Sealer

Rotary Blister Sealer

PULSA-BSR Rotary Blister Sealer

PULSA BSR Blister Sealer is a robust semi-automatic Machine suitable for medium output rate. The machine is fitted with 2 or 3-stations automatic intermittent index turn-table so that the process can be carried out simultaneously.

* Quick-change of sealing mould

* The machine is designed to permit loading and unloading of product while the process of sealing is carried-out at the sealing station. This shorten the cycle time and produce higher output.


Model: BSR-2020 BSR-3025 BSR-4025
Sealing Area: 200mm x 200mm 300mm x 250mm 400mm x 250mm
Max. Depth : 25-40mm 25-40mm 25-40mm
Electricity Supply: 13A SP&N 13A SP&N 13A SP&N
Air Supply: 20NL/stroke @6 bar 20NL/stroke @6 bar 20NL/stroke @6 bar