Communion Cup Filling & Sealing Machine

Vacuum Forming Machine


AUTO Communion Cup Filling & Sealing Machine is designed to fill red wine/grape juice and sealed with aluminium foil. Wafer / biscuit is then inserted manually or automatically above the foil and seal & cut with a clear film.

For juice & wafer /biscuit

The machine is fitted with programmable logic controller and the following process is carried out automatically:-

* Cup Dispensing
* Filling of juice
* Sealing & cutting of aluminium foil
* Insertion of wafer/biscuit manually or automatically
* Heat Sealing & cutting of clear film
* Products discharge

* Date printing

Model: ATS-100
No. of Lanes: 5 x 2
Capacity (pcs/hr.): 5000
Electricity Supply: 13A SP&N
Air Requirement: 200 NL/min