Automatic Pre-made Pouch Filling & Sealing Machine

Vacuum Forming Machine




PULSA ABFS Automatic Pre-made Pouch Filling & Sealing Machine is designed for pre-made bags / pouches. The machine is fitted with PLC controller for storing, recalling and controlling a series of process:-
* Pick & place of pouch / preformed bag
* Opening of Bag
* Filling of liquid /paste
* Sealing of bag
* Discharge of sealed bags


Suitable for filling of liquid, cream, syrup, lotion & etc.


* No filling when there is no pouch.
* The pump is driven by a PLC controlled electric motor.
* Multiple alarms programmed. The machine stops immediately or at the end of a cycle or when bag is not available.
* Stainless steel construction & all parts in contact with product are made of stainless steel 304/316, telfon & etc.

Optional: * Date coding