Automatic Self-adhesive Labelling Machine

Vacuum Forming Machine


PULSA-FL Automatic Self-Adhesive Label applicator is designed to integrate with your existing packaging line for labeling on flat surfaces and front label application.


Labelling of flat objects such as paper boxes, cartons, batteries, cosmetics and etc.

For automatic application, the Label Applicator can be mounted on a conveyor or existing packaging machine. The complete labeling operation is triggered by the sensor mounted on the applicator. After labelling, the product passes through brush wiper or roller to completely adhere the label onto the product. Location of label on product can be adjusted by moving the product sensor.


PULSA FL-100 can also be fitted with an over-printing unit for date and batch coding.


Model: FL-100
Label length:- 2-200mm
Label width: 20-100mm
Labelling Speed: 6-8m/min
Electricity Supply: 13A SP&N