MAP Tray Sealing Machine

Vacuum Forming Machine


The machine is equipped with vacuum pump and gas flush provision for sealing trays with heat sealable film. MAP Tray sealing is carried out under a vacuum and gas flush environment to produce modifed atmosphere packaging (MAP).


Suitable for packaging of processed meat, fresh fruit & convenience food etc on pre-formed packaging tray .


* Stainless steel casing to facilitate easy cleaning
* Vacuum & gas flush can be turn-off and the machine can function as a basic tray sealer
* Adjustable heater temperature, vacuum level, sealing timer
* Color Touch Screen with guided Operation Instruction


Model: TSMP-3020 TSMP-4030
Max. Sealing Size: 300mm x 200mm 400mm x 300mm
Electricity: 15A SP&N 415V 50 Hz 20A TP&N 415V 50 Hz
Air Supply: 200NL/min @ 6 bar 200NL/min @ 6 bar
Vacuum Pump: 40m3/hr 63m3/hr