Pneumatic Operated Impulse Sealer

Vacuum Forming Machine

PULSA-PV Vertical Pneumatic Operated Impulse Sealer

It is a vertical Pneumatic Operated Impulse Sealing Machine suitable for bags with product to be sealed in an upright position.


suitable for sealing liquid, paste or solid product in bulk bags.

* The Sealing machine can be installed on an existing conveyor.

*Sealing is activated by a foot switch, thus enabling Operator's hand free to handle the package to be sealed.

*Longer sealing & double sealing bar are available upon request

Model: PV-600 PV-800
Sealing length: 600 mm 800 mm
Sealing width: 5mm 5mm
Electricity Supply: 13A SP&N 13A SP&N
Air Supply: 100NL/min @ 6 bar 100NL/min @ 6 bar
Vacuum Forming Machine

PULSA-PS-Pneumatic Operated Heat Sealing Machine

Vacuum Forming Machine

PULSA-PTS Pneumatic Impulse Sealer (Long)