Vacuum Skin Packaging Machine

Vacuum Forming Machine


Vacuum Skin Packaging - the film wraps tightly around the product, provides an enhanced presentation giving it a nice visual appearance. The product packed is secured & protected effectively to extend the shelf life without the need for gas flushing,


Packaging of meat, sauce, cheese, frozen food & etc.

* Stainless steel construction facilitates easy cleaning
* User friendly touch screen interface with preset memory
* Adjustable heater temperature, vacuum level & sealing timer.

Optional: Automatic tray Transport Drawer

Model: SK-3020 SK-4030
Max. Sealing Size: 300mm x 200mm 400mm x 300mm
Electricity: 15A SP&N 415V 50 Hz 20A TP&N 415V 50 Hz
Air Supply: 200NL/min @ 6 bar 200NL/min @ 6 bar
Vacuum Pump: 40m3/hr 63m3/hr