Auto Thermoforming Machine

Vacuum Forming Machine Vacuum Forming Machine


PULSA-VF is an Auto Vacuum Forming Machine designed to form pre-cut sheet materials such as PVC, PS, ABS etc. into various kinds of boxes, toys. auto-parts, blister package etc.

It is suitable for applications such as prototyping for research and development, education & etc.


* Automatic heaters movement
* Multi-zone controlled infrared heaters
* Pneumatic operated forming platform
* Plug assist
* Machine guard with safety Interlock to ensure operator safety
* Cooling fan system
* Vacuum system with vacuum pump and receiver to speed up forming

The following automatic operations are controlled and monitored by microprocessor:-
* Movement of Heating units
* Movement of Forming table
* Vacuum, cooling and pressure release cycle

* Reducing windows
* Higher depth of draw


Model: VF-12060
Max. Forming Area: 1200mm x 600mm
Max. Depth of Draw: 200mm
Max. Forming Thickness: 6mm
Electricity Supply: 60A TP&N
Air Requirement: 300 NL/min