Vacuum Forming Machine

Vacuum Forming Machine


PULSA MVFP is a semi-auto Vacuum Forming Machines. It is fitted with pneumatic operated vacuum platform for raising and lowering of the vacuum platform automatically.


It is suitable for small scale production, prototyping for research and development, education & etc.

* Blow function to aid easy mould release
* Easy and simple to operate color touch screen interface
* Infrared heaters with individual zone control
* Digital timer countdown displayed on touch screen with alarm
* Interlock mechanism to prevent forming platform from being raised when heater is in forward position.

Optional extra:
* Reducing frame
* Cooling fan
* Vacuum receiver to speed up vacuum suction during forming hence ensure the material is formed before cooling down.

Model: MVFP-4030 MVFP-7550
Material Size: 520mm x 470mm 800mm x 550mm
Forming Size: 482mm x 432mm 750mm x 500mm
Electricity Supply: 15A SP&N 20A TP&N
Air Supply: 200NL/min @ 6 bar 200NL/min @ 6 bar